Roster of Blackbelts

Engr. Wilfredo C. Cervantes, a 55 year old 5th Degree (Godan) Blackbelt, is a Civil Engr. and Contractor by profession residing at Phase 2, Central Park Subd., Davao City.

He joined the PSKA of Master Tacay in 1979 while still an Egneering student of the University of Mindanao, after 2 years practice under Sensei Orlando “Toti” Catadman of the Shorin Style and Sensei Lito Molina of the defunct JKA chapter in Davao City. Since then he become a loyal follower and supporter of the PSKAI.

However due to unavoidable circumstances and conflict in his studies, he laid off from training and pursued on his profession. In 1990 he returned training actively in the PSKAI along with Master Shin Tsukii of the Gojukai as guest conductor.

Engr. Cervantes also joined the Asian Pacific Union of Karatedo Organization (APUKO) Seminar and Clinic conducted by Japanese Masters Hiroyuki Setoguchi of the Shotokan Style, Toshio Ode of the Shito Ryu, Masashi Koyama of the Goju Ryu and Kiyumi Sasaki of the Wado Ryu in 1991 in Manila hosted by the Philippine Karatedo Federation.

Shin Tsukii Sensei leads the PSKA Blackbelts in training session. At the right is Sensei Johnald Molina, next is Sensei Willy Cervantes.

Sensei Willy Cervantes together with the Japanese masters and some members of the APUKO Technical Seminar and Clinic held in 1991 in Manila.


NamesRank AcquiredStatus
1. Orlando B. Catadman4th Dan BlackbeltDeceased
2. Benjamin P. Balmori4th DanDeceased
3. Wilfredo C. Cervantes5th DanActive
4. Johnald A. Molina3rd Daninactive
5. Maurino B. Rosales4th Dan(Reinstated) Active
6. Cezar C. Racoma4th DanActive
7. Bern Rexander R. Tacay6th DanActive
8. Rex Tyrone R. Tacay5th DanActive
9. Mila B. Romaquin-Tacay5th DanActive
10. Macapagal U. Tending5th DanActive
11. Dodanil M. Diaz4th DanInactive
12. Rexor R. Tacay3rd DanActive
13. Shinji Rex R. Tacay2nd DanActive

Blackbelts (1969- 1976) Tagum City

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
1. Sinforiano B. Mantilla1st Dan BlackbeltRetired
2. Neofito D. Sellado1st DanExpelled
3. Leonolito S. Gonzales1st DanRetired
4. Roberto A. Rojas1st DanDeceased
5. Vicente P. Madjos2nd DanDeceased
6. Maximino M. Tacay Jr.3rd DanRenegade
7. Veronico P. Madjos3rd DanRetired
8. Ernesto M. Tacay3rd DanRenegade
9. Teodulo L. Edig2nd DanDeceased
10. Ignacio P. Federiso2nd DanRetired
11. Rodrigo T. Trio2nd DanRetired
12. Virgilio D. Canalija1st DanDeceased

(1977 - 1986) Davao City

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
13. Orlando B. Catadman4th DanDeceased
14. Benjamin P. Balmori4th DanDeceased
15. Edmundo A. Tar2nd DanRenegade
16. Alfredo B. Rosales3rd DanInactive
17. Cirilo D. Comeling2nd DanRetired
18. Johnald A. Molina3rd DanRetired
19. Anecito D. Ambay2nd DanRetired
20. Romeo L. Moleño1st DanRetired
21. Nestor T. Ta-asan2nd DanRetired
22. Peter D. Tacay1st DanRetired
23. Wilfredo C. Cervantes5th DanReactivated

(1988 - 1992) Bonifacio St. and RMC Dojo

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
24. Bern Rexander R. Tacay6th DanActive
25. Rex Tyrone R. Tacay5th DanActive
26. Mila B. Romaquin5th DanActive
27. Elsa R. Gomez2nd DanExpelled
28. Marjorie D. Apas1st DanRetired
29. Reynold S. Alejo1st DanExpelled
30. Ricardo T. Vestal1st DanDeceased
31. Jerry E. Paredes2nd DanInactive
32. Ruel T. Quijano1st DanInactive

(1993 - 1995) Recto St. GHQ. Davao City

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
33. Julieto C. Mejos1st DanInactive
34. Edito L. Comidoy3rd DanRetired

(1995 - Present) Cag. de Oro City Chapter

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
35. Cesar Z. Racoma4th DanActive
36. Candice Zenia G. Racoma1st DanInactive

(1995 - Present) Saudi Arabia Chapter

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
37. Macapagal U. Tending5th DanInactive
38. Dudanil M. Diaz4th DanInactive
39. Esmael Ali4th Daninactive
40. Mohaire Tending2nd DanInactive
41. Jaime A. Catacutan3rd DanInactive
42. Danie C. Manah3rd DanInactive
43. Naser M. Amino2nd DanInactive
44. Nizar Ali1st DanInactive
45. Aldrin B. Oracoy1st DanInactive
46. Rolly S. Anta1st DanInactive

(2000 - Present) Phil. Air Force Chapter

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
47. Sgt. Loreto C. Casido Jr.4th DanSuspended
48. Jaime Abdul1st DanExpelled
49. Sgt. Vernabe A. Dayson1st DanInactive
50. Sgt. Ricardo A. Caberte4th DanActive
51. Marniel A. Dimla3rd DanActive
52. Nelson A. Co2nd DanActive
53. Neru Espada2nd DanActive
54. Dominador Baesa1st DanActive

(1995 - Present) Recto St. GHQ. Davao City

NamesRank AcquiredStatus
55. Ronell S. Abellana2nd DanActive
56. Loreto Casido Jr.4th DanSuspended
57. Jaime Abdul2nd Danexpelled
58. Tony P. Baroy3rd DanActive
59. Franco B. Lanosa2nd DanRenegade
60. Matt Ronald B. Tan1st DanInactive
61. Edmund C. Flores2nd DanDeceased
62. Rexor R. Tacay3rd DanActive
63. Analene Evangelista1st DanInactive
64. Anna Fe Sumalinog1st DanInactive
65. Daniel L. Magallanes2nd DanRenegade
66. Charles C. Neri2nd DanInactive
67. Shinji Rex R. Tacay2nd DanActive
68. Sharif Omar Tukan2nd DanSuspended
69. Reynaldo C. Llanda2nd DanActive
70. Edil Berto P. Flores1st DanSuspended
71. Miyuki R. Tacay1st DanActive
72. Rex T. Escalante1st DanActive
73. Arman AP Sunagawa1st DanActive
74. Lya Marie Carillo1st DanActive
75. Rex S. Aparicio1st DanActive