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If you are looking for filipino martial arts training in Davao City, Philippines, we hope you will give us the chance to get to know you and show you the path of karate. 

The PSKAI-TAKAI GIJUTSU School Of Martial Arts & Fitness Gym in Davao City teaches traditional Karate for students of all ages. Classes are structured so that students can grow and enjoy their training at their own level, all while having fun in a group atmosphere. We offered the following courses: Kids Martial ArtsAdult Martial ArtsPersonalized Training

If you are interested in becoming part of our Davao Karate Club, please call us at 09304553738 or contact us online so we can set up a time to get to know you, take you on a tour, and also give you a private lesson so you can see if we are the right karate club for you. 


The Philippine Shotokan Karatedo Association International (PSKAI) was founded on August 3, 1967 by Ricardo Mendoza Tacay Shihan in Tagum, Davao Norte (now Tagum City) long before he qualified to the elite ...

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We have the most comprehensive training courses in the entire Davao Region such as Kids Martial Arts, Adults Martial Arts & Personalized Training Program. All of our instructors are licensed and trained with highest standards in martial arts...

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    Check out our videos for more action martial arts performance from our students.. click here to view more

    Recent Testimonials

    • Chanco Aaron
      The training experience here aren't exactly, what one would consider, brutal to the point where one would consider surrendering at the very first sight and encounter of it, however it is more than enough to push you through your limits and far more. Our Dojo's more than equipped with high quality and effective equipment for both our training and fitness. The teachers/senseis here are very strict when it comes to training however they truly are both friendly and approachable.
      Karate-do is not just martial arts sports, its a way of life. I truly am thankful for the opportunity to train and learn this particular martial arts, as it has not only thought me how to protect myself and others. It has also and is still continually bringing out the best in me. I am a proud member of the PSKAI-TAKAI GIJUTSU FAMILY!
      Chanco Aaron
    • Ezekiel Badilles
      My son just joined the club last March 29th and it was overwhelming. He has learned a lot already since then. Their instructions are exemplary. Shihan Bern and Sensei Shinji are so patient with their students. The students are so friendly and competitive . I feel like we have been part of the club already for so long. Thanks for making our first experience a productive one. Keep up the good work Shihan Bern Rexander Tacay. God bless your school. Soli Deo Gloria!!!
      Ezekiel Badilles
    • Ridlo Sumanang Pogs
      Karate is not just a sport for me, it is also a way to meet my family " my PSKI-TAKAI GIJUTSU family". Kahit hindi tayo nang galing sa parehong bansa, ipinaramdam nyo parin sa akin na hindi ako iba sa inyo. PSKI-TAKAI GIJUTSU gave me life time lessons that should always be rememberd, like how to be responsible and displined athlete, and how to be a great and effective leader
      As a 2nd dan black belt, I am proud to be one of the PSKI-TAKAIGIJUTSU FAMILY
      Ridlo Sumanang Pogs
    • Joan Gica
      PSKAI-It's a great school to learn valuable skills while having fun, and you get a great workout. And also learn how to protect, self discipline and to be respectful, helpful to others. We love and respect all the instructors there. If you’re look­ing for a dojo, I highly rec­om­mend PSKAI - TAKAI GIJUTSU SCHOOL OF MARTIAL ARTS.
      Joan Gica

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