Personalized Training

The Benefits of Private Filipino Martial Arts Training in Davao City

When it comes to filipino martial arts, the relationship between master and student is as ancient as the forms they practice. In this day and age, however, many martial arts instructors teach classes with ten to twenty students in each class. In light of this, one-on-one sessions with a martial arts instructor is one of the greatest martial arts investments someone can make. Personalized quality time with a professional can mean the difference between a mediocre martial arts experience and a phenomenal one.
Personalize Your Education
First and foremost private lessons enable you to maximize your learning time. While it is true that there are no shortcuts to mastering a martial art (the effort and the commitment is up to you!), spending more quality time with your instructor helps you learn faster and prevents you from learning a skill incorrectly in the chaos of a group class. Private lessons also will help you decide which martial art is right for you. For example, if you train at a location that teaches several different martial arts, a private instructor would show you the difference between ground fighting styles such as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and standup styles such as Muay Thai, explaining the benefits of each and teaching you simple basics. Many institutions offer a hybrid training, and in these places instructors help students blend the different styles into one formidable force. Instructors can also educate you on the philosophy of your martial arts better in a one-on-one setting, answering your questions and demonstrating techniques.

Hone Your Skills
Students of the martial arts learn at different paces. In a large group class, inevitably some will be struggling to keep up while others will be itching to move on to the next challenge. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, private lessons will meet you on your level and push you toward excellence. Personal instruction time will allow you to target areas of weakness, and the instructor can give you immediate feedback on your progress. In addition, the instructor will be able to easily identify your best qualities and give you guidance on how to utilize those qualities. For example, if you excel at strikes but struggle with grapples, a private instructor will ensure you work at perfecting grapples and show you how to capitalize on your strikes. Many martial arts are very technical with their forms and executions. If you are a student of such martial art, the instructor will also ensure you are perfecting your form safely and efficiently.

Train with Excellence
Sparring with a partner is the closest thing to a real-world scenario you can do. How else can you be sure that those forms you’ve been practicing for months are useful, and how else will you calibrate your brain to perform skills without thinking? Often in a group class, you will spar with a partner with roughly the same skill level as you. While this has the benefit that comes with all sparring, sparring with a high-level instructor has two additional benefits. First of all, it can be much safer. Two lower-level martial arts practitioners typically don’t have as much control over their own bodies, particularly when trying out new skills. New sparring partners can accidentally hurt each other and can be prone to injuring themselves more. A highly trained professional instructor, on the other hand, has exceptional control over his or her body and can slow down to adjust in a sparring match, striking or grappling with intentional force. Second, training with an instructor can be the change in routine needed for you to break past a rut. Sparring with someone past your own skill level will make it necessary for you to become faster, stronger, and to think quicker. Overall, sparring with an instructor is the safest way to spar and the most effective way to prevent plateauing.

Customize Your Workout
Just as having private lessons with an instructor can help you customize your training, personal coaching will enable you and your instructor to develop an exercise program that is custom-made to your goals, time, and fighting style. Martial arts involve a certain level of physical exertion, and many require daily exercise to achieve the stamina needed for proficiency. Some instructors even begin their lessons with simple exercises like pushups and running sprints, which tires out trainees before they even begin practicing. During your private lessons you can discuss ways to boost your cardiovascular stamina and your strength, and your instructor can form a workout plan that is tailored to your needs and desires. For instance, a boxing instructor might tell you the most effective drills and how many repetitions of each exercise to maximize your strength and conditioning.

Intensify Your Regular Sessions
Regardless of how often you take private lessons, the knowledge you gain from your one-on-one time with your instructor will translate into your regular sessions. Many martial artists still remember the tips they received from just a few training sessions with a private instructor throughout their lives. If you are the type of person that likes to go above and beyond, adding a couple of training sessions to your regular training will give you the edge and equip you with the knowledge and training to be ahead of the curve.

Choose Your Time
The most practical advantage of private martial arts lessons is the ability to choose your own schedule. If you have difficulties attending regular classes because of your prior commitments, private lessons are a great way to get the training you want during the time you have. Another benefit of this is the frequency of the class: you can train anywhere from once every few months to several times a week with private lessons.