Benefits of Learning Karate

  1. Consideration

A student of karate must learn courtesy and respect for their fellow students and teachers. A student who only thinks of themselves and is inconsiderate to others is not worthy of karate training. Generally a considerate and courteous student will be more positive in their outlook.

  1. Courtesy

In a dojo (training hall) every member and teacher alike must show courtesy to one another. It is this courtesy that is not, however, limited to just the dojo but should be a part of all karate students nature. Karate is not just a mastery of the skills they are taught but of developing into a good and honest member of society. A courteous person will find it easy to make friends and difficult to make enemies.

  1. Discipline

Karate is a very disciplined martial art in the way a student has to bow when entering and leaving the dojo, addressing their teacher by calling them “sensei” and in showing no ill feeling or bad temper whilst practicing their art. It is also in the nature of the training that the karate exponent is disciplined in the skills they are taught as many of the striking techniques taught can be extremely dangerous. Discipline has to be instilled to prevent injury occurring to a training partner in executing these techniques. It is through the disciplined training that a student also learns not to show off or brag of their abilities, qualities that a true martial artist does not have.

  1. Health

A karate student will undoubtedly develop, in time, a stronger body and a more positive frame of mind. If a student starts training who was physically weak gradually becomes stronger, braver and more confident then it is quite obvious that in that students mind a great deal would have been accomplished. Co-ordination through the physical training will also be improved especially as some of the karate techniques at first seem quite complicated, but with diligent practice they become much easier.

As a student becomes fitter and stronger, concentration levels will improve which has added benefits in School for children, or in the workplace for adults. It is not unknown for successful karate students to be successful in their work.

  1. Self Defense

Karate does not need the use of weapons; men and women of any age can apply it and one can protect themselves effectively with little natural strength.

Karate as a self defense is without equal.

A karate exponent will develop courage and fortitude.


Courtesy is of prime importance and it can be said that a conceited person is not qualified to learn karate. A student must be prepared to accept criticism from others and be prepared to readily admit any lack of knowledge, rather than pretending to know what they do not know.